Good Morning,

In order to provide the most current and complete compliance policies and procedures, MedSafe is updating the HIPAA trainings and online HIPAA manuals including new policies and procedures.  This change will go into effect on 8/1/2019.   Due to these updates, after logging in after August 1st, you will notice new questions that will need to be answered in the HIPAA section of your Survey app. Please review these questions; which will each be clearly labeled as  *NEW 8/1/19*;  and type in your answers. Once you have filled in your answers, the HIPAA training and manual is updated automatically with this information.  If you do not have our online manuals and would like to purchase please let us know.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to your compliance consultant or the main office line at 781-237-9700.

Your Partner in Compliance, 

The MedSafe Team