Online Training Made Easy With the Courses You Need!

No longer do healthcare facilities have to sacrifice valuable revenue time, shutting down patient activity to provide staff training. Everything from required compliance courses, to employee policies, from equipment operation to elective in-service training, can be provided online- anywhere, anytime!

MedSafe goes the extra step with our online training courses as we offer the ability to customize and create site-specific online training courses specifically tailored to your facility and its information. While most other training programs offered by companies are “one size fits all” models, we at MedSafe know that model doesn’t fit everyone, and provides a customize feature that allowed practice's to enter their own site-specific slides into the training.

Once a staff member is set up on MedSafe's NEW Compliance Management Solution, they can access all kinds of training, not just that which is compliance oriented. They can participate in practice management trainings (like how to deal with difficult patients), learn how to operate specialized healthcare equipment, or take courses which are designed solely for personal enrichment.

Benefits of MedSafe's Compliance Management Solution Online Training:

Convenience: Staff members can participate from home or from the office when it’s convenient, for as long as it’s convenient; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

User Friendly: Easy to operate for even novice computer users, for an enjoyable learning experience. Peace of Mind: For risk management, liability reduction, and peace of mind, web-based training helps to ensure that all employees are trained in a given period of time.

Credit Hours: Participants who successfully complete eligible courses can receive a training completion certificate to apply for credit approval. Some courses are also available for CME or CEU credit.