OSHA and HIPAA Training

OSHA and HIPAA Training

Published: January 22nd, 2021

Many of us were pleased to say goodbye 2020. As we look ahead to a new year, it is important to keep in mind that while OSHA and HIPAA training are still required, virtual options are available. 

Below are several things to consider as your organization plans for training in 2021:

OSHA and HIPAA Training:

1)     OSHA training for all employees is mandatory, and training for new employees must be completed within ten days of hire. This includes doctors, nurses, receptionists, and part-time employees.

2)     HIPAA training is required for all current employees and new employees. There is also a mandatory refresher training.

3)     Most organizations elect to train all employees on HIPAA and OSHA annually. This is considered a best practice.

4)     HIPAA doesn’t specify a particular length for training.  What matters most is the content of the training and that the information is taught effectively.

5)     Both OSHA and HIPAA require that all training records should be well documented.

6)     Failure to provide appropriate training can result in fines and other severe penalties.

7)     Regulations are updated yearly, so it is necessary for healthcare organizations and medical practices to stay current.

8)     Virtual training is available.


Both HIPAA and OSHA training is essential to ensuring safe and healthy working conditions for employees and patients and for protecting patient’s private health information.

If your organization is seeking virtual training or has questions regarding healthcare compliance guidelines contact the experts at MedSafe. MedSafe is the leading one-stop resource in providing HIPAA training and compliance programs in the United States. We offer a wide variety of online training courses including:

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·       Corporate Compliance

·       HIPAA

·       Billing Compliance

·       Harassment and Discrimination in the Workplace


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