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Badges for Monitoring Toxic Vapors

As a part of the Initial Review and Recommendations portion of the MedSafe Compliance Program, it is often determined that there is a need for baseline Industrial Hygiene (IH) testing for toxic vapors. There are a variety of services available for such testing. While many methods are complicated and expensive, it is our experience that the use of IH monitoring badges represents an efficient and low cost solution that meets the needs for baseline monitoring requirements. Accordingly, we have elected to provide assistance to you in obtaining this service.

Monitoring badges are available for many of the hazardous chemicals you may be using. Badges of the type available through us are used by thousands of healthcare facilities, government agencies and by the large industrial corporations. OSHA inspectors have used similar monitor badges, and their results have been accepted in Federal Court.

Procedure for Use

The monitoring badges that are provided are manufactured and packaged so that the shelf life can be guaranteed for at least one year. When the package is opened, the user records the time and additional information such as name and work performed. The badge is clipped near the breathing zone for personal monitoring or placed in the room for area monitoring. When the test is completed, the time is recorded. The badge is then sealed in its original package and returned for analysis in the mailer provided.

The laboratory measures the amount of vapor collected (grams). The monitoring badge is calibrated to give the time-weighted average (TWA) concentration in parts per million (ppm). This TWA concentration is what is required for OSHA compliance.

Analysis results are available within 10 business days. Results are available earlier by fax, but this must be specified when you return the badge for analysis.

Quality Control and Validation of Accuracy

An unexposed “Blank” badge is always tested with each group of Monitoring badges that are analyzed. This ensures against false positive results. Monitoring badges exposed to known concentrations of the vapors are also analyzed. This gives a “built-in” validation standard of accuracy. A statement of the accuracy can, therefore, be given on each analysis report.

Ordering Information

Badges for monitoring most vapors are available for immediate delivery. There is no minimum order requirement. All orders must be prepaid. Please allow 10 days for shipping. (Badges do have a shelf life and are “made to order”.) Overnight shipping is available for an additional shipping charge. This service is available to ALL MedSafe clients.