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MedSafe offers comprehensive online training courses designed to enhance compliance and safety in healthcare settings. Our virtual training modules are interactive, user-friendly, and accessible from anywhere, making it easy for your team to learn at their own pace. Covering a wide range of topics including OSHA, HIPAA, and Billing Compliance, our online courses are crafted by experts to ensure thorough understanding and practical application of essential regulations. Opt for MedSafe’s online training to keep your staff well-informed, compliant, and ready to tackle the challenges of the healthcare industry with confidence.

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  • General, Fire, and Life Safety
  • Bloodborne Pathogens Standard
  • Hazard Communication Standard
  • Regulated Waste Management Standard
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HIPAA Privacy & Security

  • Basics of a Privacy Program
  • Basics of a HIPAA Security Program
  • The HITECH Act
  • The HIPAA Omnibus Rule
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Corporate Compliance

  • Healthcare Fraud, Waste, and Abuse
  • Fraud and Abuse Laws Overview
  • Corporate Compliance Program
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Harassment & Discrimination

  • Types of Harassment and Discrimination
  • Reporting Harassment
  • Resolution, Remediation, and Retaliation
  • Managers’ Responsibilities

State Specific Sexual Harassment Training

MedSafe offers state-specific sexual harassment training programs tailored to meet the legal requirements of each state, ensuring that your organization remains compliant with local regulations. Our training is designed to create a safe and respectful workplace environment by educating employees on recognizing, preventing, and addressing sexual harassment. By focusing on state-specific laws and case studies, MedSafe’s courses provide practical knowledge and tools that empower employees to take action against harassment and foster a culture of respect and dignity in the workplace.

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