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“The Right to Know the Price”

Imagine going to the grocery store, getting your weekly groceries, but not knowing how much it would be until you receive a bill in the mail weeks later. Imagine getting an oil-change or going on vacation and not knowing the cost. This is exactly what happens to millions of patients each and every day, and...

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ICD-10 Update – The Calm Before The Storm?

The transition to ICD-10 has come and gone and the final metrics were posted by CMS last month. Thus far, the shift has been seemingly smoother than most had expected. Making many wonder what all the hype was about, while others remain skeptical. Healthcare experts are optimistically cautious about what is to come, saying it...

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Coding Tip – Surgical Package Modifiers

This article written by MedSafe Billing and Coding Specialist, Mike Enos. In this coding tip, we will review a few modifiers that specify which portion of the surgical package the provider is billing for.  The global surgical package includes payment for services that are a necessary part of a procedure.  For example, the global package includes not just payment...


Billing Company Possibly Responsible for HIPAA Data Breach

As a follow up to my previous blog on whether hospital-based physicians need HIPAA programs (such as pathologists, anesthesiologists and radiologists), we are hearing about a major breach of medical records regarding a pathology billing company in the Boston area. According to an article posted by, it appears the billing company, Goldthwaite Associates of...