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MedSafe’s Safety Infection Control Program features our AIM methodology. AIM is the acronym for Assess, Implement & Maintain. By assessing your organization, we can develop and implement a proper plan and maintain it by our training, which is designed to keep you up-to-date on regulatory changes. Training can be onsite or online, utilizing our Learning Management System known as the ‘Training Manager’.

Our Program includes:

  • Customized safety manuals designed to meet OSHA’s requirement for a site-specific written Hazard Communication Program and Exposure Control Plan.
  • Ongoing updates to manuals and periodic advisory publications as changes to regulations occur.
  • Customized Safety Data Sheet (SDS) catalog, containing required documentation for hazardous products used in your facility.
  • Labels for hazardous products in secondary containers, specifically prepared for products used in your facility.
  • Hazardous Materials Identification Charts to assist you and your staff to easily identify potential hazards of products.
  • Ongoing support and a hotline to assist your staff with safety and compliance issues.
  • A Certificate of Compliance is issued when your facility has completed implementation of the program. It clearly illustrates to your staff, visitors, and clients that you are committed to a safe working environment.

Click below to learn more about our OSHA Compliance Program.

“After a visit from the MedSafe staff, we had a thorough understanding of the components of a program for our small practice. The website has been very helpful in providing templates for documentation and policy development.”

~ M.C. Donaldson, M.D., Vascular Care of MetroWest, P.C., Framingham, MA