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How to Spot AI-Generated Phishing Emails: Recognizing the Warning Signs and Safeguarding Against Cyber Risks

As the healthcare industry becomes increasingly reliant on digital communications, the importance of healthcare cybersecurity has grown significantly due to the rising threat of phishing attacks. With the emergence of AI technology, cybercriminals have found new ways to craft phishing emails that can deceive even the most cautious individuals. These malicious emails often target healthcare...

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HHS Urges Health Systems to Prioritize Cybersecurity Measures

Healthcare cybersecurity incidents have more than doubled since 2018, and ransomware attacks have surged close to 300%, highlighting the critical importance of HHS cybersecurity measures. This tsunami of cybercrime has led to extensive care disruptions, patient safety risks, and an increased strain on the already overwhelmed healthcare sector. With cybersecurity incidents occurring on an almost...

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AI Could Increase the Number of Healthcare Breaches: How Healthcare Organizations Can Mitigate the Risks

Artificial intelligence (AI) has emerged as a transformative force that promises to revolutionize the way care is delivered as we know it. From enhancing diagnostics and patient care to streamlining administrative tasks and contributing to medical research, its potential seems limitless. However, with all of its promises, there are increasing concerns about the many risks,...

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How to Spot a Phishing Email (Part 2)

Healthcare phishing scams are a growing concern within the medical industry, targeting both healthcare providers and patients with deceptive tactics aimed at stealing sensitive information. These scams often involve malicious emails or messages that appear to be from trusted sources, such as insurance companies or healthcare institutions, asking recipients to provide personal details or click...

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How to Spot a Phishing Email (Part 1)

Welcome to the first part of our email series on the critical topic of how to spot a phishing email, particularly in the healthcare sector. As digital communication becomes increasingly prevalent, the risk of falling prey to these deceptive schemes also grows. These phishing scams often mimic communications from trusted entities like insurance providers or...

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Average cost of healthcare data breach reaches $11M

How can healthcare organizations protect themselves? Healthcare continues to be the most expensive industry for data breaches, with costs increasing 53% since 2020, according to research conducted by the Ponemon Institute. In fact, the average cost of a healthcare data breach reached a whopping $11 million this year, and the number of healthcare data breaches have...