What You Should Know About Reporting a HIPAA Violation at Work

What You Should Know About Reporting a HIPAA Violation at Work

Published: November 7th, 2022

What is a HIPAA violation in the workplace?

A HIPAA violation occurs when a covered entity or business associate compromises an individual’s personal health information (PHI). This could be from a lack of awareness, training, or appropriate safeguards of PHI. Whether large or small, willful or negligent, HIPAA violations can be damaging to any hospital or medical practice and the patient or patients affected.

Is it necessary to report a HIPAA violation at work?

Yes. If an employee believes that a HIPAA violation has occurred, they should report it to their supervisor or their HIPAA Privacy Officer. The HIPAA Privacy Officer will need to conduct an investigation and a risk assessment to determine if the violation needs to be reported. In addition, action should be taken to ensure that the cause of the breach is corrected and whether or not any policies or procedures need to be updated, including if any additional staff training may be necessary. If no such action is taken, the matter can be escalated, and a complaint can be filed with the HHS Office for Civil Rights. https://www.hhs.gov/hipaa/filing-a-complaint/index.html

What Happens After a HIPAA Complaint is Filed?

There is no standard process for what happens after a HIPAA complaint is filed; therefore, the process will vary from organization to organization. However, the HIPAA policy states that complaints should be documented, and employees should receive acknowledgment of the complaint and a timely response. If this does not happen, employees have the right to escalate the complaint to HHS´ Office for Civil Rights.

How to Avoid HIPAA Violations

One of the top reasons for HIPAA violations is a lack of employee training. Employees who receive regular training are far less likely to make mistakes when it comes to compliance. HIPAA regulation states that training should occur – when a new employee is hired, whenever changes are made to the regulations, and periodically to ensure comprehension of HIPAA requirements.

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