COVID-19 Cybercrime: 4 Tips to Protect Your Practice

COVID-19 Cybercrime: 4 Tips to Protect Your Practice

Published: November 23rd, 2020

Crimes of opportunity have been increasing during the COVID-19 pandemic, and cybercrime is no exception. The FBI recently reported that cyberattacks have increased to as much as 4,000 more per day, representing a 400% increase from pre-coronavirus numbers.

Cybercriminals are using phishing attacks, malspam, and ransomware to send fraudulent emails regarding COVID-19 as bait. They are preying on the vulnerable and their anxieties created by COVID-19. While health care facilities and providers have been busy providing care to COVID patients, they have been overwhelmingly targeted by attackers. Regardless of your practice size or location, there are ways to help safeguard your practice almost immediately.

Secure all systems – Make sure all software, EMR, servers and applications are updated with the latest patches. Also, protect your systems with a reliable antivirus software.

Ensure telehealth solutions are protected – If your practice uses a telehealth solution, ensure it is HIPAA-compliant.

Establish policies for remote workers - Develop policies and expectations for remote workers. Ensure the practice supplies all of their equipment, and they use a VPN for a secure connection. Lock computers when not in use and require re-authentication after inactivity.

Educate staff – One of the most effective ways to reduce cyber threats is to educate your staff. Consider using a reputable organization such as MedSafe Total Compliance Solutions for onsite and online training options. Practice-wide education and training helps staff to be proactive in safeguarding their practice from cybercriminals.

The COVID-19 pandemic has required practices and health care systems to rely more heavily on technology than ever before, while they work hard to continue to treat and manage their patient’s health effectively to maintain their businesses. Cybersecurity and measures to protect against cyberattacks are essential to safeguarding practices and keeping patient’s health data safe.

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