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The Road To Compliance

As a compliance partner, MedSafe has developed a strategy to ensure all compliance gaps within our clients’ programs are filled in upon onboarding. The idea is to dive into conversation making an effort to really understand what our clients are looking for, but also to ask questions allowing us to dot the i’s and cross the t’s of compliance. This allows us to reduce our clients’ compliance risk by ensuring their programs are whole. Here are our 5 steps along the road to compliance.

  1. Understand – What is compliance? Do you understand how compliance takes a vital role in reducing risk for your practice/organization? From required weekly and monthly safety checks to ensuring your documentation is whole and up-to-date, maintaining your programs takes time and resources many organizations do not have. MedSafe will work with you to understand your needs and educate your team on required compliance items.
  2. Assess – MedSafe will assess the best compliance solution based on your compliance needs. With our Onsite and Online/Virtual options, we can craft an approach best suited for your organization.
  3. Implement – Your designated MedSafe Consultant will work with you and your team to identify any gaps within your current programs and implement an action plan specific to your organization.
  4. Service – MedSafe will kick off services by rolling out the program items that were identified and provide recommendations based on our findings during earlier stages. Your designated MedSafe Consultant will outline program deficiencies so we can begin necessary mitigation.
  5. Maintain – Your designated MedSafe team will continue to maintain your required training, manuals, and forms/documentation as needed based on any regulatory changes. If any regulatory changes impact your business, we will notify you of those changes and your required course of action. We’ll act as your compliance partner, giving you the opportunity to reach out to your MedSafe Team anytime with questions or scenarios you encounter as you look to monitor and reduce risk.

Whether you’re a current client or a practice/organization looking for assistance with your programs, you’ll want to make sure you’re taking care of the following required items:

  • Annual Training
  • Written Policy & Procedure Manuals
  • Forms Documentation
  • Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Management
  • Secondary Container Labeling
  • Security Risk Assessment (SRA)

Have questions regarding your OSHA and/or HIPAA Programs? Give us a call today at (888) MED-SAFE ext. 4 or email us at

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