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Julie Sementa medsafe photo

Julie Sementa medsafe photo

Julie Sementa

Vice President of Operations

MedSafe: The Total Compliance Solution

27 Mica Lane, Suite 208
Wellesley, MA 0248

Email: jsementa@medsafe.com
Phone: (781) 237-9700 x124
Fax: (781) 237-4488
Direct: (212) 457-1590

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Vice President of Operations

Julie Sementa, an accomplished professional with a distinguished career in the healthcare compliance industry, has consistently demonstrated her dedication to excellence and her commitment to ensuring the highest standards of account management. As a testament to her unwavering work ethic and exemplary skills, she has risen through the ranks to hold the position of Vice President of Operations at MedSafe.

Julie embarked on her journey in the world of healthcare by diligently managing customer care, an essential aspect of healthcare service provision. She exhibited her exceptional organizational abilities by efficiently handling the schedules of compliance consultants, confirming compliance training sessions, and overseeing the vital process of risk assessments. Her early career experiences laid a strong foundation for her future success at MedSafe.

Today, as MedSafe’s Vice President of Operations, Julie Sementa continues to excel in her role, where she manages the same critical tasks with unwavering dedication and precision. Her consistent commitment to ensuring that compliance consultants are well-prepared, and that compliance trainings and risk assessments are carried out seamlessly, reflects her dedication to upholding the highest standards in healthcare compliance.

Julie’s remarkable journey at MedSafe is a testament to her invaluable contributions to the organization. Her exceptional work ethic, attention to detail, and leadership skills have been instrumental in the continued success of MedSafe in its mission to provide top-tier healthcare compliance and accredited solutions.

Julie Sementa’s career path exemplifies her passion for healthcare compliance and her commitment to delivering excellence to our clientele. Her role as Vice President of Operations at MedSafe reflects her continued dedication to ensuring that healthcare organizations and medical practices maintain the highest standards of regulatory compliance and patient data security.