Code and Billing Audits
Code and Billing Audits

Code/Billing Audits

Billing and auditing guidelines

Concerned about OIG investigations or RAC Audits? Confused with MediCare billing guideline? Our Certified auditors and billing compliance specialists provide a full range of services. At MedSafe our mission has always been to make medical compliance trainings and practices easier to understand and implement. Our programs are designed to quickly bring your staff up to date and keep them compliant for years to come.

MedSafe office services that help de-mystify complex federal regulation and minimize your billing/coding exposure. Our team of experienced professional auditors can help ease adimistrative burdens imposed by complex coding and billing regulations. We work to take this burden off of your plate so you can concentrate on what you do best; patient care.

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What we do

Baseline Risk Assessment

Presonalized or group training

Web-based training programs

Ongoing auditing, monitoring, and training

Comprehensive reporting packages