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SDS and SDS Management

Are you looking to devote less time to Safety Data Sheet (SDS) management – and improve compliance? Would you like to spend less money on SDS-related efforts?

With limited resources in the healthcare industry, Safety Data Sheet (SDS) maintenance efforts pose an increasing challenge to your organization. The process can be time consuming and expensive, yet errors risk the health and safety of employees, not to mention exposure to liability, fines and citations. MedSafe offers both Paper Based and an Online solutions!

Whether you represent a small stand-alone healthcare facility or a large multi-site network, you need a living, breathing SDS management program to ensure compliance and reduce the risk of injury to your staff. MedSafe’s SDS Management Program gives you that kind of system. With SDS’s online, regardless of where you may keep your hard copy SDS inventory, your employees will have real-time access to your facility’s SDS’s, 24-hours a day. For those organizations that don’t have distributed information networks, our paper-based SDS system is the most efficient.

Benefits of SDS On-Line Include:

  • Real time, online access to your SDS’s whether across one facility or an entire network;
  • Enhanced compliance with OSHA’s Hazard Communication Standard and the JCAHO Environment of Care Standards;
  • Differentiation of your organization as striving continuously to exceed regulatory and accreditation standards;
  • Significant reduction of staff time and effort by using MedSafe’s resources to cost-effectively install and monitor this system, and
  • Peace of mind and confidence that things are being done right by SDS professionals dedicated to managing this system.

Key program components:

  • Backup Hard Copy – Hazardous Product Directory and MSDS Manuals
  • Update-able
  • Initial and annual staff training, with Ongoing Program Maintenance

Pre-printed secondary container labels list:

  • Appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) to use when handling the product
  • Hazard characteristics and health hazards
  • Target organs of the body that may be affected by the hazardous chemical
  • Information to locate that product’s SDS in your MedSafe SDS catalog

Note: Labels are laser printed on vinyl stock for maximum durability.