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Quantum Products X-Ray Badge

MedSafe believes every X-ray user needs the protection of X-ray dosimeter badges. Please take a minute to read why.

An Invisible Danger: In your office, perhaps the most serious potential risk to your employees’ health is radiation from your X-ray equipment. Since radiation cannot be detected by the senses, it’s understandable that staff members who take X-rays are concerned about possible exposure.

The Liability Problem: Today, we’re seeing more cases in which an employee, or former employee, sues the owner of the practice, claiming health damage (or damage to an unborn baby) as a result of radiation exposure in the office. If that should happen to you – even if you’re insured – the time lost from your practice would be considerable, and your legal costs enormous. Many practitioners have decided that the best way to safeguard their employees’ health, and at the same time, protect themselves against a future legal problem, is to use X-ray dosimeter badges.

Low Cost Protection: Quantum’s X-ray badge service costs just $128.00 or less per person every year. Every three months, you’ll receive new badges, along with a reply envelope in which to return the used badges for processing. Each time you return badges, Quantum will send you a printed report of readings for your file. If a reading should exceed NRC safety standards, Quantum will phone you at once.

At its low price, you might think of this service as an inexpensive way to let your staff know that you care about their health. But while it’s protecting them, it’s also protecting you. A record of continuous radiation monitoring, showing consistently safe levels of exposure, will prove enormously valuable if you’re ever challenged to defend the safety of your office working conditions.

Professional Service: Quantum’s badge service was started 31 years ago, specifically to serve professional offices. Today, Quantum’s badges are protecting many thousands of offices around the country. Not only is the cost of the service the lowest you’ll find, but also Quantum aims to give each subscriber a level of personal attention that simply isn’t available from any of the industrial badge services.

Quantum’s laboratory is accredited by the NVLAP (National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program) under Lab Code 100555-0. Most state radiation regulations require that the laboratory you use be accredited by NVLAP.

Perhaps you’re familiar with the old-style X-ray badges that had to be replaced every month. These state-of-the-art badges can be used for three months, making this service not only economical, but also convenient.

No Extra Charges

Subscribers avoid the extra charges that customers of other badge services find so annoying. At Quantum, you’ll find:

  • No set-up charge to begin service or to add a new employee later on.
  • No charge to change your service – for example, in case of staff turnover.
  • No annual maintenance or administrative fees.
  • Many offices have changed from other badge services to Quantum’s, and are getting better service and saving money.